Managed Webinars

The Webinar Process - Let us manage your webinar

Webinars are live, educational or instructive online sessions. Attendees view a speaker and their presentation. Users can interact by raising a hand or asking a question via chat boxes – just as if they were present.

Of course, you don’t need to put them to the trouble of travelling!

Before Your Webinar

  • Following an initial consultation we create a plan for your webinar event.
  • We review your location. If we deem the site’s facilities are not up to scratch we’ll supply connectivity on the day.
  • If the presentation is to be filmed or if your speaker is also presenting to an audience, we’ll advise on room set up.
  • We can devise and manage a promotional email campaign to attract and register potential attendees.
  • We develop timed email reminders to alert registered attendees at set intervals before the webinar to help maximise attendance.
  • We can help with your online registrations and advise on CPD accreditation if applicable

During Your Webinar

  • We’ll be there on the day to get you connected and set everything up - You can focus on your presentation or looking after your expert speaker
  • If you require an MC to introduce your speaker or put questions to them, we can provide that too.
  • During the presentation, we’ll provide ongoing monitoring of the attendees, such as the number of log-ins, attention of viewers, gathering attendee questions and handle any technical issues.
  • We provide online/phone support should any attendees have issues connecting and logging in.
  • We provide a connection fall back solution should internet connectivity be lost.
  • We can enhance your webinar by providing professional video services, such as multiple cameras and live speaker titles for a newsroom look. We offer a full post-production service on any video footage if required.

After Your Webinar

  • Following your webinar, we’ll provide you with a detailed report on the event. This report can include; the number of attendees, any drop-offs, attendee attention, questions and comments.
  • We can provide automated follow-up emails to attendees to; thank them for attending, ask for feedback and prompt them to attend CPD the next webinar.
  • Users who registered but then didn’t attend can receive a scheduled ‘Sorry you missed the event’ email with a link to the recorded version of the webinar.
  • If CPD points for attendees are applicable, we can manage emails and distribution to that group.