Are webinars the new normal?

What is a webinar? A webinar is an engaging online event using webinar software, where a speaker or a small group of speakers deliver a presentation to a large audience. These sessions can be used to share knowledge, ideas and updates with your audience. Benefits of webinars: Webinars are an ideal tool for generating sales … Read more

Coronavirus – How to run an event when attendees can’t attend

With the current climate of fear around the world-wide coronavirus outbreak, many meetings and events are being cancelled over health concerns. Yet there is a way you can still run your event – Webinars and live streaming of events offers an excellent opportunity to run your event online while still providing an engaging experience for … Read more

Are Webinars Cost Effective?

While it is true that running a webinar can be a significant investment particularly in terms of time, they are probably one of the most cost-effective marketing activities that you can do. Why? Well if you start to measure what you are getting when running a webinar, you can see a whole range of associated … Read more

5 ideas to get greater value from your Webinar Content

Have you ever considered running a webinar only to decide that the event wasn’t worth the effort? Certainly, there can be a lot of work required to prepare for a webinar. The speaker needs to put together a presentation and then prepare for the actual event. On the day there can be many technical pieces … Read more