5 ideas to get greater value from your Webinar Content

Have you ever considered running a webinar only to decide that the event wasn’t worth the effort? Certainly, there can be a lot of work required to prepare for a webinar. The speaker needs to put together a presentation and then prepare for the actual event. On the day there can be many technical pieces to be put in place, not to mention the effort required to promote and market the day. So, what can you do to get better value from the webinar and get some future benefit? Well, the good news is that the webinar can be reused in a multitude of ways afterwards, and most importantly customised for your customer’s needs. Key is to make sure that you have it recorded, incorporating slide-deck/presentation, audio and video components. With these, there are several ways to get greater life out of what typically is an hour or two presentation.

Share recorded Webinars as on-demand versions

One of the most obvious and easiest ways to extend the life of the webinar is to have it recorded and available as an on-demand version. Whether this is freely available or requires some type of access control is up to you and dependant on the content. You will still need to market and promote these on-demand versions, but if you also start compiling them into a central repository, you very soon start to build a valuable resource. Once traffic starts to build to view these recorded webinars, you can then start promoting new webinars from here.

Run the webinar again with live Q&A

In some circumstances, it might be possible to run the webinar again as a ‘live’ event. People often prefer the live experience and in some cases, there may be a requirement to run a live component like the Q&A at the end of a presentation; e.g. clinical CPD requirements. The big advantage is that you don’t need to book a senior presenter again but could instead replay an existing presentation and have them simply log-in to field questions at the end or even have other associates to assist.

Create Video segments for multiple uses

There may be many reasons why you are not able to cut up a webinar but if it is possible then these can be used for a variety of uses.

The Internet age has resulted in a shorter attention span and people look for ever shorter clips of relevant information. If the webinar could be structured into topics or logical chapters, with some re-editing you could create several mini-presentations that could be used in a variety of ways; e.g. teaser videos for your webinar series included as part of your portal or even used on social media for promotion.

 Write a blog post or white paper based on webinar transcript

Depending on the exact format, you could also re-use the webinar transcript to create all manner of articles and blog posts. The trick is to take out the key topics and develop content around these as it isn’t usually enough to simply repeat verbatim what was spoken at the webinar; i.e. add some context and maybe interleave with examples and ideas that weren’t expanded upon during the webinar. If you have good enough content, you could develop a full white paper from it and again use it to promote future webinars. You could start with writing blog posts summarising the webinar, interesting points raised and also any interesting questions!

Turn the webinar into a podcast

Whereas video is king on the Internet another option is to deliver your webinar as a podcast so your audience can consume on the go. In addition to repurposing the recorded webinar content for podcasts, you can expand on issues and questions that came up during your webinar and like writing white papers create a whole new content piece. Like the webinars, you can create a whole repository of podcasts. Again, some minor editing could add great value, like topping and tailing the audio piece with a consistent intro and ending, for example explaining that it is one of a series, who the speaker is, what are the main topics being covered …etc.

The key element with all of these ideas is that the lifetime of the webinar content can be greatly expanded by simply repurposing the format. Good speakers and well-run webinars are the cornerstones of delivering not just great webinar experiences but valuable content.

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